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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
Genre "Unglamorized Spy Film" Movies
1. An Englishman Abroad (year: 1983)
Drama, Psychological Drama, Unglamorized Spy Film.
The BBC-produced An Englishman Abroad was first offered to American viewers October 27, 1984, as part of PBS' Great Performances series. Alan Bates st ...
2. Breach (year: 2007)
Spy Film, Docudrama, Unglamorized Spy Film.
Shattered Glass director Billy Ray directs Chris Cooper and Ryan Philippe in this fact-based drama concerning the FBI traitor who carried out what man ...
3. Lust, Caution (year: 2007)
Thriller, Erotic Drama, Period Film, Unglamorized Spy Film.
Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee adapts this Eileen Chang story set in World War II-era Shanghai that details the political intrigue surrounding ...
4. Ronin (year: 1998)
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Chase Movie, Unglamorized Spy Film.
John Frankenheimer directed this $20 million international action thriller from a screenplay by Richard Weisz (pseudonym for David Mamet) and J.D. Zei ...
5. Second Nature (year: 2003)
Action, Spy Film, Unglamorized Spy Film, Action Thriller.
The sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his family, Paul Kane (Alec Baldwin) has trouble piecing together memories of his life before the trage ...
6. Spy Game (year: 2001)
Spy Film, Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film, Political Thriller.
Brad Pitt is reunited as a co-star with his A River Runs Through It (1992) director Robert Redford for this espionage thriller from Tony Scott. On the ...
7. Syriana (year: 2005)
Drama, Thriller, Political Thriller, Docudrama, Unglamorized Spy Film.
Oil drives greed in Oscar-winning Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan's labyrinthine sophomore directorial effort that traces the corruption of the gl ...
8. Target (year: 1985)
Spy Film, Action Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film.
Arthur Penn takes a crack at subverting the espionage film genre in Target. Walter Lloyd (Gene Hackman) is a quiet and unassuming lumberyard owner in ...
9. The Bourne Ultimatum (year: 2007)
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film.
Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) races to solve the mystery of his past while being hunted by members of the very organization he was hired into as director ...
10. The Good Shepherd (year: 2006)
Spy Film, Drama, Unglamorized Spy Film, Period Film, Political Drama.
One man bears witness to the secret history of America during the Cold War in this drama directed by celebrated actor Robert De Niro. In 1939, Edward ...
11. The Recruit (year: 2003)
Spy Film, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film.
A brilliant young man is tapped to join the elite branch of American intelligence, only to discover how complex and dangerous the job can really be in ...
12. The Russia House (year: 1990)
Spy Film, Drama, Unglamorized Spy Film, Romantic Drama.
"Barley" Scott Blair (Sean Connery) is an alcoholic book editor from a bargain-basement publishing house in Great Britain who'd rather be dr ...
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