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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
Genre "Parody/Spoof" Movies
1. Airplane! (year: 1980)
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Ensemble Film.
This spoof of the Airport series of disaster movies relies on ridiculous sight gags, groan-inducing dialogue, and deadpan acting — a comedy ...
2. Amos & Andrew (year: 1993)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Satire, Odd Couple Film.
When African-American professional Andrew Sterling (Samual L. Jackson) moves into a summer home on an up-tight all-white New England resort island, th ...
3. Another Gay Movie (year: 2006)
Comedy, Sex Comedy, Gay & Lesbian Films, Parody/Spoof.
The standard "four horny guys" conceit of the typical teen comedy gets a change-up in this independent sex farce. Jarod (Jonathan Chase), Gr ...
4. Austin Powers in Goldmember (year: 2002)
Comedy, Spy Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Absurd Comedy.
Mike Myers' phenomenally successful spy spoof gains a few more characters, a slew of celebrity cameos, and even more free-associative laughs in this t ...
5. Blazing Saddles (year: 1974)
Comedy, Western, Parody/Spoof, Comedy Western, Odd Couple Film.
Vulgar, crude, and occasionally scandalous in its racial humor, this hilarious bad-taste spoof of Westerns, co-written by Richard Pryor, features Clea ...
6. Carry on Cowboy (year: 1963)
Comedy, Western, Slapstick, Parody/Spoof, Comedy Western.
In one of the best of the long-running Carry On series, Western clichés are run through the Carry-On wringer. The film takes place in wild and woolly ...
7. Caveman (year: 1981)
Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Satire, Parody/Spoof, Slapstick, Prehistoric Fantasy.
Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr plays a prehistoric, social outcast who, along with other misfits, forms his own tribe and finds various comic adve ...
8. Club Dread (year: 2004)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Horror Comedy.
Following up their breakthrough film, 2001's Super Troopers, the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, comprised of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve L ...
9. Clue (year: 1985)
Comedy, Mystery, Parody/Spoof, Whodunit, Comedy Thriller, Screwball Comedy.
In this spoof of McCarthy-era paranoia and 1950s wholesomeness, the characters and plot are drawn from the popular Parker Brothers board game of the s ...
10. Date Movie (year: 2006)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
The glorious Hollywood institution of the romantic comedy gets raked over the coals in this broad parody of any number of boy-meets-girl flicks. Julia ...
11. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (year: 1982)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Romantic Mystery.
In this post-modernist exercise, star/writer Steve Martin and director Carl Reiner spoof the film noir yarns of the '40s with Martin playing gumshoe R ...
12. Death to the Supermodels (year: 2005)
Comedy, Horror Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
A desert island photo shoot takes a dark turn when world's sexiest supermodels begin falling prey to a mysterious killer in this satirical comedy star ...
13. Decampitated (year: 1998)
Comedy, Horror Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
Troma Entertainment presents this low-budget horror spoof directed by Matt Cunningham. A group of friends gather to go camping, in spite of the fact t ...
14. Down With Love (year: 2003)
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Period Film, Parody/Spoof.
Director Peyton Reed and screenwriters Eve Ahlert and Dennis Drake pay homage to the frothy romantic comedies of the early '60s — in particu ...
15. Dragnet (year: 1987)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Odd Couple Film, Police Comedy.
Dan Aykroyd must have practiced for months to perfect his Jack Webb inflections for Dragnet. Screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz's directorial debut (also wri ...
16. Epic Movie (year: 2007)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
Scary Movie screenwriters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer join forces to parody the "biggest" movies ever to hit the silver screen in this ...
17. Erik the Viking (year: 1989)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Satire, Fantasy Adventure.
An unusually principled young Viking becomes increasing uncomfortable with all the killing and plundering that goes with the job, and sets out on a ma ...
18. Farce of the Penguins (year: 2007)
Comedy, Adventure Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
Animal Planet aesthetics get infused with blush-inducing blue-humor sensibilities as director Bob Saget teams with an all-star cast of comics includin ...
19. Finishing the Game (year: 2007)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Martial Arts.
Better Luck Tomorrow and Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift director Justin Lin takes a comic look at a longstanding bit of cinema mythology with this ...
20. Flesh Gordon (year: 1972)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Sex Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy.
Produced during the short-lived "porno chic" period of the early to mid-'70s, Flesh Gordon was a (relatively) big-budget, adults-only parody ...
21. Hard Rock Zombies (year: 1985)
Horror, Parody/Spoof, Horror Comedy.
Essentially a feature-length music video featuring one of the most horrendous, awful heavy metal acts in the history of hairspray and studded leather, ...
22. Hoodwinked (year: 2006)
Comedy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Parody/Spoof.
Forget everything you know about Little Red Riding Hood; the classic fairy tale gets a new look and a new style in this computer-animated comedy for t ...
23. Hysterical (year: 1983)
Comedy, Horror, Parody/Spoof, Horror Comedy.
During the peak of the slasher-movie boom of the early '80s, there were numerous attempts at Airplane!-style horror parodies, all of which fell consid ...
24. Love and Death (year: 1975)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Comedy of Errors.
Woody Allen's Love and Death is purportedly a satire of all things Russian, from Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky novels to Sergei Eisenstein films, ...
25. Love at First Bite (year: 1979)
Comedy, Satire, Parody/Spoof.
George Hamilton confounded his detractors by turning in a first-rate comic performance in Love at First Bite. Hamilton plays Count Dracula, who is ev ...
26. Mars Attacks! (year: 1996)
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Alien Invasion Films, Ensemble Film.
This quirky science fiction comedy is a characteristic feature by iconoclastic director Tim Burton, known to moviegoers for Beetlejuice, Edward Scisso ...
27. Meet the Spartans (year: 2008)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Period Film, Sword-and-Sandal.
From the creators of Scary Movie and Date Movie comes this tongue-in-cheek parody of the sword-and-sandal epics, dubbed Meet the Spartans. The 20th Ce ...
28. Murder by Death (year: 1976)
Mystery, Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Detective Film, Ensemble Film, Whodunit.
As penned by Neil Simon, this satire of movie mysteries is set in motion when several prominent detectives are invited to the mansion of the reclusive ...
29. Not Another Teen Movie (year: 2001)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Teen Movie, Gross-Out Comedy.
Former MTV executive Joel Gallen makes his feature directorial debut with this broad spoof of the popular teen comedy genre, lampooning dozens of movi ...
30. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (year: 1983)
Adventure, Science Fiction, Satire, Parody/Spoof.
In this futuristic adventure, a man gets too enmeshed in virtual reality and ends up with his personality melded to the on-screen persona of Humphrey ...
31. Piranha (year: 1978)
Horror, Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Horror Comedy, Natural Horror.
Sorry, no description is available yet for this movie...
32. Play It Again, Sam (year: 1972)
Romance, Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Romantic Comedy.
Herbert Ross directed this adaptation of Woody Allen's hit Broadway play concerning a shy film critic who has trouble with women. Woody Allen plays Al ...
33. Reform School Girls (year: 1986)
Comedy, Prison Film, Parody/Spoof.
A softcore, low-budget film with no pretentions to a viable plot or character development, Reform School Girls just proceeds along the foul-mouthed, s ...
34. Scary Movie (year: 2000)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Gross-Out Comedy, Slasher Film, Teen Movie.
After parodying the blaxploitation films of the 1970s in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Keenen Ivory Wayans takes aim at slasher films of the 1980s and 1990 ...
35. Scary Movie 2 (year: 2001)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Gross-Out Comedy, Horror Comedy, Haunted House Film.
This sequel to a box-office sleeper hit that spoofed teen slasher flicks takes its cues from haunted house and possession films, particularly The Haun ...
36. Scary Movie 3 (year: 2003)
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Slapstick, Horror Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Gross-Out Comedy.
While star Anna Faris returns for the third film in the Scary Movie series, the power behind the camera has shifted from the Wayans brothers to one of ...
37. Scary Movie 4 (year: 2006)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Gross-Out Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Horror Comedy.
Spoof series torch-bearer and Airplane! mastermind David Zucker steps back into the captain's chair for yet another round of cinematic shenanigans in ...
38. Spaceballs (year: 1987)
Comedy, Science Fiction, Parody/Spoof, Sci-Fi Comedy, Absurd Comedy.
A space bum helps rescue a princess from an evil overlord with the help of a benevolent elder in this Star Wars send-up written and directed by Mel Br ...
39. Strangers With Candy (year: 2005)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Absurd Comedy.
The cult-favorite television series which offered a fun-house version of '70s "after-school specials" returns in this big-screen prequel to ...
40. Superhero Movie (year: 2008)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Comic-Book Superhero Film, Absurd Comedy.
After spoofing disaster films in Airplane!, police shows in The Naked Gun, and Hollywood horrors in Scary Movie 3 and 4, producer David Zucker sets hi ...
41. Teen Wolf (year: 1985)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Teen Movie, Coming-of-Age, Fantasy Comedy.
After sitting on the shelf for some time, Teen Wolf was released on the heels of the hugely successful Back to the Future in an attempt to cash in on ...
42. The Comebacks (year: 2007)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Sports Comedy.
The producers of Wedding Crashers are back with the comedy The Comebacks. Spoofing countless inspirational sports movies, the film stars David Koechne ...
43. The Man with Two Brains (year: 1983)
Comedy, Horror, Satire, Parody/Spoof, Sci-Fi Comedy.
Steve Martin and Carl Reiner concoct one of Martin's best comic vehicles with Martin playing the world's top brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr &am ...
44. The Naked Gun (year: 1988)
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Slapstick, Police Comedy.
We know we're in a 1988 film when we're invited to laugh at O.J. Simpson in an opening slapstick sequence. We can also pinpoint the year of production ...
45. The Onion Movie (year: 2008)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Absurd Comedy.
America's most popular satirical newspaper makes the leap from the printed page to the silver screen in this political comedy that explores what happe ...
46. The Toxic Avenger (year: 1985)
Horror, Comedy, Horror Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Comic-Book Superhero Film.
In a crazy spoof of heroic monster movies that spawned two sequels, The Toxic Avenger is about the transformation of a mild-mannered, scrawny janitor ...
47. The Witches of Breastwick (year: 2004)
Sorry, no description is available yet for this movie...
48. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (year: 2007)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Musical Comedy.
Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan team up to take the swagger out of the traditional music biopic with this look at the troubled life of fictional music leg ...
49. Wet Hot American Summer (year: 2001)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Farce.
1980s teen comedies finally get the parody they so richly deserve with Wet Hot American Summer, the first feature film from writer/director David Wain ...
50. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (year: 1988)
Comedy, Fantasy Comedy, Parody/Spoof.
In Robert Zemeckis's trailblazing combination of animation and live-action, Hollywood's 1940s cartoon stars are a subjugated minority, living in the g ...
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