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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
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The List
Genre : 
Thriller, Psychological Thriller.
Year : 
Director : 
Gary Wheeler.
Actors : 
Malcolm McDowell, Chuck Carrington, Hilarie Burton, Will Patton, Pat Hingle, Elizabeth Omilami, Mary Beth Peil, Nicholas Pryor, Tim Ware.
File information:
700.29 Mb

Upon receiving word that his father has passed away, a Charlotee lawyer returns to his family home to Charleston and becomes caught up in the intrigue surrounding a secret society known as the Covenant List of South Carolina, Ltd. It all began after the battle of Gettysburg. A wealthy group of South Carolina plantation owners realized that the Confederacy was on its last legs, and in order to protect their assets they smuggled their gold and silver to safe havens throughout Europe. Thus was born the Covenant of South Carolina, Ltd. But one weather worn prophet knew well the corrosive power of greed, and struggled to show his brothers the errors of their way. His pleas ultimately fell on deaf ears, effectively paving the way for God's wrath. Decades later, each respective family on the list has gained untold power and wealth. The list is more powerful than ever, and the secret has grown far more sinister. When young lawyer Renny Jacobson learns that his father has died under mysterious circumstances, he returns home to sort out the family estate. Curiously, Renny's father has willed a substantial portion of his estate to charity, leaving his son with nothing more than an interest in an obscure entity known as the Covenant List of South Carolina, Ltd. Before long, Renny is contacted by the list. As the intrigue draws Renny into a treacherous world of deception, greed, and spiritual warfare, his only hope for solving the mystery of this malevolent list is to place his trust in a beautiful woman who may have all the answers he is looking for - if she isn't working for the very secret society that is currently trying to track him down.