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year: 2008
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year: 2008
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year: 2008
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year: 2008
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Layer Cake
Genre : 
Crime, Crime Drama, Gangster Film.
Year : 
Director : 
Matthew Vaughn.
Actors : 
Daniel Craig, Colm Meaney, Kenneth Cranham, George Harris, Jamie Foreman, Michael Gambon, Tamer Hassan, Ben Whishaw, Burn Gorman, Sally Hawkins, Sienna Miller, Stephen Walters, Jason Flemyng, Dragan Micanovic, Rab Affleck, Dimitri Andreas, Marvyn Benoit, Ben Brasier, Louis Emerick, Neil Finnighan, Dexter Fletcher, Brinley Green, Tom Hardy, Darren Healy, Marcel Iures, Ivan Kaye, Natalie Lunghi, Francis Magee, Don McCorkindale, Paul Orchard, Budgie Prewitt, Matthew Ryan, Steve John Shepherd, Garry Tubbs.
File information:
dvd-rip / xvid
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A mechanic in the British drug trade finds himself caught in the middle of some dangerous circumstances in this crime thriller. XXXX (Daniel Craig) is a nameless go-between in the British mob who buys drugs from underground wholesalers and them sells them to street dealers, keeping the system flowing and making a tidy profit in the process. XXXX is looking forward to getting out of the game, and has displayed both smarts and caution in how he's handled his business, but before his overseer Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) will let him go, he has a couple of favors that need to be done. First, Eddie Temple (Michael Gambon) is a mob boss whose daughter has gotten hooked on hard drugs and run away from home; Jimmy needs XXXX to find them girl and bring her to him before Eddie's men can get hold of her. Second, Dragan (Dragan Micanovic) is a Ecstasy wholesaler who has had a large shipment stolen by Duke (Jamie Foreman); Jimmy wants XXXX to get the Ecstasy back to Dragan, but Duke isn't eager to sell and Dragan is becoming impatient. Between these two matters, XXXX isn't so sure he'll get out of the business alive, especially after he finds himself falling for Duke's nephew's girlfriend, Tammy (Sienna Miller). Layer Cake marked the directorial debut for Matthew Vaughn, best known as a producer for Guy Ritchie's lad-centric crime movies.