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year: 2008
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year: 2008
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Genre : 
Historical Film, Drama, Psychological Drama, Political Drama.
Year : 
Director : 
Peter Yates.
Actors : 
Kate Nelligan, John Malkovich, Linda Hunt, Oliver Cotton, Ronald Pickup, Rosalie Crutchley, Glenne Headly, Dimitra Arliss, Steve Plytas, Noam Almaz, Patricia Carroll Brown, Maria Calvente, Michael Chesden, Avril Clark, John Eastham, Christiana Fragou, Claudia Gough, Stefan Gryff, Lisa Jakub, Alison King, Andrea Laskari, Leon Lissek, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Arlene Mazerolle, Alfred Molina, Miguel Pedregosa, Adrienne Pocock, Lisa Rose, John Rumney, Aaron Schwartz, Paul L. Smith, Anthony Stamboulieh, Vic Tablian, Theresa Tora, Athena Voyatzis, Anhoula Vraka, Peter Woodthorpe, Michael Zelniker.
File information:
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Based on the autobiographical novel by Nicholas Gage, Eleni traces Gage's search for the truth behind the execution of his Greek mother Eleni. John Malkovich plays Gage (herein referred to only as Nick), a New York Times journalist assigned to cover a border war in Albania. Intimately familiar with his beat—it's where he grew up—Nick periodically flashes back to his childhood, and his memories of his late mother Eleni (Kate Nelligan). Not at all concerned with politics, Eleni goes to extreme lengths to shelter her children from the ravages of civil unrest. For attempting to smuggle her kids out of the country, Eleni is arrested and executed. Back in the present, Nick manages to locate local politico Katis (Oliver Cotton), the man who signed Eleni's death warrant. He wangles his way into Katis' confidence, then prepares to kill the man—but he's in for a surprise, and something of an epiphany.