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year: 2008
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Eight Below
Genre : 
Adventure, Family-Oriented Adventure, Adventure Drama.
Year : 
Director : 
Frank Marshall.
Actors : 
Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Jason Biggs, Gerard Plunkett, August Schellenberg, Wendy Crewson, Belinda Metz, Michael D. Adamthwaite, Apache, Daniel Bacon, Dexter Bell, Buck 65, Buddy Cain, Brendan Campbell, Garry Chalk, Chase Rucker Productions, Dino, DJ Abdel, Flapjack, Babi Floyd, Duncan Fraser, Jasmine, Carl Jasper, Damon Johnson, Koda Bear, Connor Christopher Levins, Lightning, Adrian Noble, Alexios A. Panou, A. James Ryan, Laara Sadiq, Richard Sali, Michael Simms, Malcolm Stewart, Timbalada & Os Zarabe, Troika, Dan Ziskie.
File information:
1402.88 Mb

Eight brave sled dogs search for the master who is looking for a way to rescue them in this adventure drama. An American geologist (Bruce Greenwood) flies to Antarctica to participate in a project at the United States Research Base, where he teams up with arctic guide Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker) and his best friend, Cooper (Jason Biggs). The scientist soon discovers that Shepard also has eight other valuable friends — a pack of sled dogs he's worked with for years, who have rescued him from a number of tight spots. As the three men explore a frozen mountain region, an unexpected accident coupled with a massive storm front forces them to fly to safety, leaving the dogs behind. Shepard is determined to rescue his canine friends, but he has to wait until the weather will allow him to travel back to the mountain, while the dogs struggle against the elements to survive as they attempt to make their way back home. Eight Below was inspired by a true story involving Japanese researchers exploring the Antarctic in 1957; the story was made into the film Nankyoku Monogatari.