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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
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Clean Slate
Genre : 
Comedy, Mystery, Detective Film, Fantasy Comedy.
Year : 
Director : 
Mick Jackson.
Actors : 
Dana Carvey, Valeria Golino, James Earl Jones, Kevin Pollak, Michael Gambon, Michael Murphy, Jayne Brook, Vyto Ruginis, Olivia D'Abo, Barkley, Ian Abercrombie, Brad Blaisdell, Mark Bringelson, Gary Bullock, Reg E. Cathey, Bryan Cranston, Peter Crook, Mike Jolly, Ken Kerman, Jeff King, Phil Leeds, Steven D. Maines, Mindy Marin, Michael McKean, Christopher Meloni, Michael Monks, Angela Paton, Brian Reddy, Gailard Sartain, Timothy Scott, Myra Turley, Kevin West.
File information:
700.45 Mb

Dana Carvey plays a private detective who forgets everything when he goes to sleep at night, waking up each morning with a "clean slate," in this hit-and-miss comedy that plays like a companion piece to the much funnier Groundhog Day. Pogue (Carvey) is afflicted with his unique form of amnesia after getting injured in a car explosion. With the aid of a mysterious woman (Valeria Golino) who allegedly died in the bombing, he must find a priceless coin and evade the murderous clutches of the mobster (Michael Gambon) who executed the explosion and who wants to silence Pogue before he can testify against him. Carvey fares reasonably well in his role, but the best moments are provided by Pogue's dog, a one-eyed Jack Russell named Barkley who makes a habit out of running into things headfirst.