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Carlito's Way
Genre : 
Crime, Crime Drama, Gangster Film.
Year : 
Director : 
Brian De Palma.
Actors : 
Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, Luis Guzman, John Leguizamo, Viggo Mortensen, Ingrid Rogers, James Rebhorn, Joseph Siravo, Richard Foronjy, Jorge Porcel, Adrian Pasdar, Marc Anthony, Rick Aviles, Garry Blackwood, John Michael Bolger, Christopher Bregman, James Bulleit, Gene Canfield, Anthony Catanese, Joe Conzo, Caesar Cordova, Richard Council, Tony Cucci, Bo Dietl, Frank Ferrara, John Finn, Mel Gorham, Michael Hadge, Owen Hollander, John Hoyt, Al Israel, Vincent Jerosa, Sharmagne Leland-St. John, Paul Mazursky, Frank Minucci, Michael P. Moran, John Ortiz, Vincent Pastore, Steven Puente, Rene Rivera, Angel Salazar, Jaime Sanchez, Elliott Santiago, Jon Seda, Rocco Sisto, Tera Tabrizi, Brian Tarantina, Bonnie Timmermann, Jaime Tirelli, Luke Toma, Orlando Urdaneta, Nelson Vasquez, Chuck Zito.
File information:
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Carlito's Way is a tale of a former hood trying to escape his former life. Al Pacino is Carlito Brigante, a high-level Puerto Rican drug dealer sprung from a three-decade jail sentence after only five years, thanks to a technicality and his sleazy, cocaine-addled lawyer, Dave Kleinfeld (Sean Penn). Carlito renounces his previous ways and takes a job as the manager of a club that Kleinfeld has invested in, planning to save enough money so that he can eventually move to the Caribbean. But no sooner is Carlito back on the streets of New York than his old life claws at him in the form of both old partners (Luis Guzman) and vicious up-and-comers (John Leguizamo). Nevertheless, Carlito stays clean and even restarts his relationship with a dancer named Gail (Penelope Ann Miller), until he is finally led astray by Kleinfeld, who manipulates Carlito into participating in the murder of a Mafia don from whom Kleinfeld has stolen a million dollars. At that point, the race is on to see whether Carlito and Gail can escape his world for good. The film is based on two novels about Carlito written by New York State judge Edwin Torres.