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Any Which Way You Can
Genre : 
Action, Biker Film, Buddy Film, Action Comedy.
Year : 
Director : 
Buddy Van Horn.
Actors : 
Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Ruth Gordon, William Smith, Harry Guardino, Geoffrey Lewis, Michael Cavanaugh, Barry Corbin, Roy Jenson, Bill McKinney, William O'Connell, John Quada, Al Ruscio, Dan Vadis, Dan Barrows, Michael Brockman, Julie Brown, Jerry Brutsche, Glen Campbell, Dick Christie, Rebecca Clemons, Reid Cruickshanks, Michael Currie, Gary Lee Davis, Fats Domino, Dick Durock, Michael Fairman, James Gammon, Weston Gavin, Lance Gordon, Lynn Hallowell, Peter Hobbs, Larry Holt, Art La Fleur, Ken Lerner, John McKinney, Robin Menken, George Murdock, Jack Murdock, Ann Nelson, Sunshine Parker, Kent Perkins, Anne Ramsey, Logan Ramsey, Tessa Richarde, Bill Sorrells, Jim Stafford, Michael Talbott, Mark L. Taylor, Jack Thibeau, Charles Walker.
File information:
dvd-rip / divx
699.91 Mb

This sequel to Every Which Way But Loose finds Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) on the road, orangutan companion Clyde in tow, as he makes his way as a bare-knuckle fighter. The action begins with Philo punching out a new victim while Clyde relieves himself on the seat of a police car, setting the tone for the rest of the story. From there, Philo and Clyde return home, where Philo, who still lives with Ma (Ruth Gordon), is offered a contest with Jack Wilson (William Smith), the Mafia-sponsored East Coast bare-knuckle champ. Philo inadvertently saves Wilson's life, but then the Mafia kidnaps his girlfriend (Sondra Locke) to force him to go ahead with the match. Philo and Wilson team up to battle the Mob, but somehow they end up fighting anyway in a grueling climactic sequence. Country music, bikers, the Mafia, an orangutan, pick-up trucks, defecation jokes, fighting, drinking, and swearing — it's all here in this lowbrow comic stew.