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All I Want for Christmas
Genre : 
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Holiday Film, Children's Fantasy, Domestic Comedy.
Year : 
Director : 
Robert H. Lieberman.
Actors : 
Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan, Ethan Randall, Thora Birch, Lauren Bacall, Leslie Nielsen, Michael Alaimo, Joanne Baron, Joshua Berryhill, George Both, Jr., Alan Brooks, Michael Patrick Carter, Elizabeth Cherney, Otto Coelho, Joe Costanza, Teddy J. Davis, Tracy Diane, Chad Doreck, Joey Gaynor, Frank Girardeau, Todd Hartman, Ryan Hill, Channing C. Holmes, Gabriel Jiminez, Aaron Kisner, Justin Klosky, Darrell Kunitomi, Patrick LaBrecque, Felicity LaFortune, Phil Leeds, Neal Lerner, Donny B. Lord, Andrea Martin, Harriet Medin, Kevin Nealon, J.R. Nutt, Devin Oatway, Amy Oberer, Kavi Raz, Mitchell Roche, Bernardo Rosa, Jr., Camille Saviola, Ryan Sheridan, J.D. Stone, Richard Michael Stuart, Norman Tatlock, Jr., Renée Taylor, Edith Varon, Erik Von Detten, Bobby Waddington, Michael Weiner, Joshua Wiener, Scott Wolf, Derek J. Young.
File information:
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The leading lady of the Christmas tale knows just what she wants for Christmas and she lets Macy's Santa know, too. She wants nothing more than the reuniting of her recently divorced parents. Bordering on being a Miracle on 34th Street re-make, this film follows much the same theme, but the kids here get more involved as they thwart any likelihood of romantic success between their mom and her new boyfriend and try ever-so-hard to make Mommy and Daddy love each other again. A reunion does result, but it's a lackluster one and so's this film, which was generally seen as a little too contrived and way too bland.