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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
Actor: Tracey Walter, starred in:
1. Amos & Andrew (year: 1993)
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Satire, Odd Couple Film.
When African-American professional Andrew Sterling (Samual L. Jackson) moves into a summer home on an up-tight all-white New England resort island, th ...
2. Annie Hall (year: 1977)
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Urban Comedy, Sophisticated Comedy, Comedy of Manners.
Woody Allen's romantic comedy of the Me Decade follows the up and down relationship of two mismatched New York neurotics. Jewish comedy writer Alvy Si ...
3. At Close Range (year: 1986)
Drama, Crime, Crime Drama, Family Drama.
Amazingly, At Close Range was based on a true story. Bored teenager Sean Penn meets his prodigal father (Christopher Walken) for the first time in yea ...
4. Blue Collar (year: 1978)
Drama, Crime Drama, Message Movie.
Paul Schrader's directorial debut examines the trials of Detroit autoworkers living at the mercy of a heartless corporation and a corrupt union. Survi ...
5. Conan the Destroyer (year: 1984)
Action, Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery, Fantasy Adventure, Romantic Adventure.
Based on a character created by Robert E. Howard, this fast-paced, occasionally humorous sequel to Conan the Barbarian features the hero (Arnold Schwa ...
6. Death to Smoochy (year: 2002)
Comedy, Showbiz Comedy, Black Comedy.
Danny DeVito steps behind the camera for this darkly funny satire that combines elements of Barney and Friends with the real-life Pee-Wee Herman scand ...
7. Duplex (year: 2003)
Comedy, Black Comedy.
Just how far would you go to have the home of your dreams all to yourself? A couple start asking themselves that very question in this dark comedy dir ...
8. Erin Brockovich (year: 2000)
Comedy Drama, Docudrama, Feminist Film, Courtroom Drama.
Julia Roberts stars in this legal drama based on the true story of a woman who helped win the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit. ...
9. How High (year: 2001)
Comedy, Farce.
A pair of real-life multi-platinum rap artists star in this genial substance abuse comedy recalling the pro-marijuana work of Cheech and Chong and suc ...
10. Philadelphia (year: 1993)
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Message Movie, Gay & Lesbian Films, Medical Drama.
At the time of its release, Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia was the first big-budget Hollywood film to tackle the medical, political, and social issues ...
11. Rumble Fish (year: 1983)
Drama, Teen Movie, Coming-of-Age.
One of two S.E. Hinton novels Francis Ford Coppola directed in 1983, Rumble Fish is a stylized black-and-white film about the death of gang culture in ...
12. The Hand (year: 1981)
Horror, Psychological Thriller.
Oliver Stone's first directorial effort for a major studio (and his second horror film after the 1974 Seizure) came shortly after the phenomenal succe ...
13. The Silence of the Lambs (year: 1991)
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Police Detective Film.
In this multiple Oscar-winning thriller, Jodie Foster stars as Clarice Starling, a top student at the FBI's training academy whose shrewd analyses of ...
14. Timerider (year: 1983)
Science Fiction, Action, Western, Sci-Fi Action, Hybrid Western.
Given the off-the-wall premise in this sci-fi western — that a motorcyclist rides his bike through a time warp right into the Wild West, int ...
15. Wild at Heart (year: 1990)
Thriller, Drama, Road Movie, Black Comedy.
Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern play a pair of lovers on the run in David Lynch's surrealist road movie Wild at Heart. Cage's Sailor Ripley is a violent e ...