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In Bruges
year: 2008
The Bank Job
year: 2008
year: 2008
year: 2008
Definitely Maybe
year: undefined
Horton Hears a Who
year: 2008
Be Kind Rewind
year: 2008
The Forbidden Kingdom
year: 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles
year: 2008
Vantage Point
year: 2008
Actor: Sigourney Weaver, starred in:
1. Alien (year: 1979)
Science Fiction, Monster Film.
"In space, no one can hear you scream." A close encounter of the third kind becomes a Jaws-style nightmare when an alien invades a spacecraf ...
2. Aliens (year: 1986)
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Monster Film.
Big-budget special effects, swiftly paced action, and a distinct feminist subtext from writer/director James Cameron turned what should have been a by ...
3. Annie Hall (year: 1977)
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Urban Comedy, Sophisticated Comedy, Comedy of Manners.
Woody Allen's romantic comedy of the Me Decade follows the up and down relationship of two mismatched New York neurotics. Jewish comedy writer Alvy Si ...
4. Baby Mama (year: 2008)
Comedy, Odd Couple Film.
Former Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" co-anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-star in this baby-fever comedy about a single, career-ori ...
5. Be Kind Rewind (year: 2008)
Comedy, Comedy of Errors, Farce.
When a bumbling movie lover becomes magnetized while attempting to sabotage a local power plant and accidentally erases all of the videotapes in the s ...
6. Company Man (year: 2000)
Comedy, Political Satire.
Former Woody Allen collaborator Douglas McGrath co-wrote, co-directed, and stars in this historical screwball comedy that offers up its own creative s ...
7. Dave (year: 1993)
Comedy, Political Satire, Americana.
The ghost of Frank Capra must have smiled when he saw Dave, an amusing and effective update of one of Capra's favorite themes — the scrupulo ...
8. Galaxy Quest (year: 1999)
Comedy, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Comedy, Showbiz Comedy.
A team of intrepid adventurers travels through the outer reaches of the galaxy, each week finding excitement and adventure on Galaxy Quest! Or at leas ...
9. Ghostbusters (year: 1984)
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy.
Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as a quartet of Manhattan-based "paranormal investigators". When their governme ...
10. Ghostbusters 2 (year: 1989)
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Action Comedy.
Ivan Reitman's sequel to the phenomenally successful Ghostbusters is looser and more self-assured than the original. The film opens with a title readi ...
11. Holes (year: 2003)
Children's/Family, Escape Film, Teen Movie.
A boy being punished for a crime he didn't commit learns there's more going on at a juvenile correctional facility than meets the eye in this comedy d ...
12. Infamous (year: 2006)
Drama, Biography [feature], Crime Drama.
Douglas McGrath's Infamous represents the second major biopic about the avant-garde belletrist Truman Capote to be released within a year. It thus tel ...
13. The Ice Storm (year: 1997)
Drama, Family Drama, Ensemble Film, Period Film, Marriage Drama.
Set on Thanksgiving weekend of 1973, The Ice Storm looks into the lives of a wealthy Connecticut family who are calm and civil on the outside, but who ...
14. The Village (year: 2004)
Thriller, Rural Drama, Psychological Thriller.
M. Night Shyamalan, the creative mind behind The Sixth Sense and Signs, wrote and directed this characteristically atmospheric thriller. The rustic vi ...
15. Vantage Point (year: 2008)
Thriller, Political Thriller.
Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, and Matthew Fox star in director Pete Travis' Rashomon-style thriller in which an assassination attempt o ...